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Places You Probably Never Cleaned

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Your home or office may be bright and shining with desks, and windows reflecting like mirrors, carpets and floors are well vacuumed, and surfaces seem very clean. But look more closely to areas you normally see and use but never associate with the needs for cleaning. Here is the place for bacteria growth and you need to clean them.

Top areas that must be considered

1. Office Air-condition – A dusty AC is a place for fungus and bacteria. Turn off the AC and clean the filter. Or call a cleaning company to clean the rotating the damp fan where it accumulates mold and germs.

2. Mobile phones and iPads – Mobile phones and iPads are 10 times hazardous that toilet seats. Use disinfectant wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol or a similar disinfecting spray, spritzed onto a clean microfiber cloth.

3. Sofa and Chairs – The most areas that need focusing in where your arms rest and where your exposed neck touches. You can dampen a microfibre towel with Dettol solution and clean these areas. Better off, call a professional cleaning company for this purpose. They will vacuum, remove stains, sanitize and rinse the area so its PH value is neutralised.

4. Curtains – left uncleaned, curtains gather dust and dirt that cause dust-mite allergy and other health hazards. Curtains must be vacuumed, washed and sanitized.

5. Door handles – A study by Worcester Polytech Institute found that hundreds of bacteria and fungus colonies are found on door handles. Cleaning the handles on a daily bases will prevent such growth on door handles.

6. Light switches – Like door handles, light switches must be cleaned by microfibre towel damped with a spray of sanitizer.

7. Computer mouse and keyboard – Flip your keyboard upside down and tap. Use pressurized air to remove crumbs. Use a keyboard vacuum. You may remove keys for deep cleaning. For the mouse, Dampen a lint-free cloth or cotton swab with mild soap and water and gently wipe the mouse.

8. Indoor Plants – Having indoor plants clean the air, is aesthetically pleasing to watch and stress relievers. They need to be cleaned regularly by wiping them with a damp cloth and nourishing them with the right fertilisers and pesticides.

Smart Move Cleaning can be your partner in cleaning your home or office. We can share our knowledge with you so you do not spend much on unnecessary cleaning and focus on the essentials. Please call us on 66000913 to discuss your needs.

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