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urine in bed

Effects of Urine on Your Bed

The earlier a urine stain is addressed, the better chance the traces can be effectively removed.  If not removed in a timely manner the liquid will infiltrate mattresses and may damage fibres and begin to start rusting the inner springs.  Negative effects that are not commonly considered include “squeaky” beds, mould and mildew.

Clean Sleep Technology refreshes your mattress by extracting the liquid from the mattress and applying our organic treatment to help neutralize stains and odours that can creep deep within and linger for months.  With urine being a protein stain, there are cleaning principles for removing it effectively.  If not done properly you risk the chance of leaving moisture inside your bed that harbours other problems.

Pet urine contains different components than those of humans.  Cat urine on a mattress or other fabric may affect the fabric’s dyes or finishes.  All urine can leave unpleasant smells that linger for months if not treated properly.


Successful urine stain removal from mattresses requires the right approach, which may call for multiple treatments.

If you don’t have the time or tools to clean a mattress stain such as urine, give us a call and we’ll make it quick, easy, and affordable for you.

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