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Dry Mattress Cleaning in 15 Minutes

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Smart Move Qatar, the operator of Clean Sleep machine tracks, has starting operating in July 2021 a unique mobile truck invented in the United States, for cleaning mattresses. The inventor is Michael Ingle who developed a 5 phases mattress cleaning using clean technologies:

  1. the mattress is vacuumed heavily

  2. Intense UV anti-germicidal lights are applied all over the mattress from all six sides

  3. hot steam is injected through the mattress

  4. then the mattress is heated by infrared lights that kills bugs and bacteria

  5. finally, the bed is subjected to ozone gas to remove any odors

But Clean Sleep adds another process before the above. The mattress first is vacuumed externally and spots, if any, are removed. Then the mattress is sprayed with natural chemicals to loosen any soil or dirt before it goes into the five cleaning cycles of the mobile truck.

Here at Clean Sleep Qatar, our staff will pick up the client's mattress and carry it to the machine where the above processes are applied and then stamped with certification as clean and sanitized. This approval is not locally invented but a certification from the vendor who tested the efficacy of the five cleaning processes above in US laboratories and universities. They found that the machine kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungus.

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