Originally designed as a bespoke light creation for a high-end medical cabinet, Moha’s popularity among Manooi’s main clients and partners secured its place in the Manooi portfolio, as part of the Crystalight Collection. Its harmonious shape, symbolizing happiness and positivity, accounts for its popularity. You can order Moha as a pendant or ceiling lamp. You can choose a transparent or colored crystal combination in standard sizes or according to your needs.



Type:Crystal chandelier

Structure:Polished stainless steel

Trimmings:Full-cut crystal octagons

Pinnings:Nickel plated rings

Suspension:Galvanized bowden cable – 1.5 mm

Light source:Max. 60W – G9

Cable:Transparent PVC+PVC – 250 cm

Ceiling rose:Polished chrome-plated steel

moha 3.jpg


  • L 287x W 11x H 61

  • L 298x W 11x H 51

  • L 455x W 11x H 77