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HALO is named after the optical phenomenon that one can sometimes observe in the sky – a mystical circle encompassing the Sun or the Moon.  The Manooi Halo combined modern, high-quality LED as light source, directed outwards along the lamp curve, and the most luxurious full-cut crystal beads. Each crystal element is assembled into gentle branches, emerging as frozen light beams, refracting light into thousands of colorful sparkles.


Collection:Personal Universe

Type:Crystal pendant lamp

Structure:Powder coated, painted (black/white) or polished aluminium

Trimmings:Full-cut crystal beads

Structure :Powder coated black or white

Suspension:Galvanized bowden cable – 0,8 mm

Light source:3000K, 24-80W LED

Cable:Transparent PVC+PVC – 250 cm

Ceiling rose:Polished chromium-plated steel or painted steel



  • Halo 40L 40 x W 40 x H 3

  • Halo 54L 54 x W 54 x H 3

  • Halo 80L 80 x W 80 x H 3

  • Halo 124L 124 x W 124 x H 3


The sale will end on 30 April 2023

Was QAR 17,654 to 32,690

NOW: QAR 8,827 - 16,345

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